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Zanzibar Town Hotels:

Emerson & Green

Serena Inn

Tembo Hotel

Dhow Palace

Mtoni Marine

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Tel: +255 24 2237281,
fax: +255 24 2237281,
Mobile: +255 713 591064

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This small yet luxurious hotel is situated in the heart of Zanzibar's historic Stone Town, where East meets West. The hotel lounge has an impressive selection of antique ornaments and furniture, and adds to the relaxed ambience that is a Dhow Palace trademark.
Its 16 self-contained and spacious rooms are furnished with traditional Sultan-size four-poster beds. All rooms are comfortably equipped, and tastefully appointed with Zanzibari artefacts.
All rooms have large balconies overlooking an attractive and cool central courtyard. This creates a tranquil atmosphere, making the Dhow Palace a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of Stone Town and one of the most popular hotels in Zanzibar.

Telephone: +255 24 2237281, fax: +255 24 2237281, Mobile: +255 713 591064